Data management solutions:
from information to knowledge, from sharing to action.

Maps Group develops technological solutions that transform heterogeneous and disaggregate data into a base of information—and therefore knowledge—to serve business decision-making.

It does this using a series of services and products to allow private companies and public entities to fully comprehend their present and best plan their future.

To do this, the company develops technological solutions capable of acquiring information by extracting it from unstructured data and making it usable knowledge.

During this process, the data gathered and analyzed is translated into interpretive models that are designed to provide better comprehension of reality—material from start to finish for a new and rigorous cognitive base on which to build efficacious support for strategic decision-making.

This process involves three fundamental steps:

In the Maps approach, DATA ACQUISITION AND ANALYSIS is an in-depth, immediate process, with full updating.

All this is achieved using standard classification schemes, semantic analysis, interoperative exchange processes and contextualization tools that provide for cross-evaluation of information, as well as its elaboration by specific corporate roles and divisions that are segmented and specialized.

The SHARING OF INFORMATION – the next step in the data elaboration process—is not limited to simply interaction and exchange, but represents an actual step in the analysis and cross-checking of the acquired datasets that are filtered and processed.

The information that is extrapolated and shared through this process is evaluated and checked from a number of vantage points until it becomes a coherent and homogeneous knowledge base, despite its size and detail.

This data acquisition and sharing process leads to ACTION and finally DECISIONS, making possible deliberate decision-making activity which, if undertaken using information that is reliable and complete, can more efficiently fulfill the tasks of planning, development, control and reporting thanks to a comprehensive, true and scientific knowledge of the full context.

Therefore, the goal of every one of our solutions is strictly tied to strategic choices.

In addition, the final form in which the information is presented utilizes accessible, user-friendly data mapping to facilitate sharing among stakeholders.

From innovation to problem-solving:
with Maps Group, it’s just one small step

For Maps Group, making technological innovation available to both public and private companies and organizations is its core business. Maps Group elective markets see technological development as the natural tool for their growth strategies. These are the markets in which Maps Group offers its products and services:


The challenges facing the services market have always been linked to efficiency and efficacy.
Within a context of rapid globalization and intense competition, the challenges are shifting significantly towards more-innovative services designed to satisfy an increasingly-demanding clientele.

Within this market, Maps Group offers solutions designed to:

  • increase efficiency in managing suppliers across the entire production supply chain;
  • adopt collaborative tools to augment the growth of employee skills;
  • provide tools for better understanding client needs.

Telco & Utilities

This market, which risks, or has risked to a greater extent in the past, being the exclusive dominion of “commodities”, is now fighting its battle in terms of: added value services, customized products, and awareness of the needs of the various client segments.

For this sector Maps Group offers:

  • Structured systems for configuring products/services.
  • Provisioning and Billing of proposed services.
  • Customer-centric solutions.
  • Solutions for incrementing supplier management efficiency.

Public Administration

The primary dynamics of this market involve the need to rebuild a climate of trust between public sector bodies and interest groups or rights advocates that has been put to the test by the problem areas so widespread in this sector.
This means considering citizens as true consumers of services who demand quality, efficiency and the ability to exercise control over the workings of the PA.

In this context, the group offers:

  • Solutions for control of administration management.
  • Solutions for planning and measuring PA performance.
  • Solutions for transparency and fighting corruption in governmental bodies.
  • Solutions for making PA performance accountable to interest groups and rights advocates.


Current demographic trends, advances in medicine and the pharmaceutical sector, the tendency of patients to utilize the worldwide web and social media as means for gathering information or taking advantage of services offered by the healthcare system—new requests and new opportunities are introducing changes into society that require more detailed knowledge about the healthcare needs of the population and which also lead, inevitably, to the search for greater efficiency in the relationship between public and private.

For this sector Maps Group offers:

  • Solutions for management control.
  • Solutions for planning and measuring performance.
  • Solutions for transparency and fighting corruption.
  • Solutions for controlling and verifying the adherence to appropriateness criteria.
  • Solutions for the analysis of healthcare needs.


Continuous market evolution has led to a tremendous productive concentration in certain geographical areas, and it continues to push western companies towards an on-going pursuit of quality and specialization. In a word: excellence.

Digital innovation plays a key role in this context, not only for the phenomena connected with the digitalization of productive processes in accordance with the paradigms of Industry 4.0, but also in terms of emerging aspects such as the demand for personalized products, greater environmental awareness and the request for greater well-being in the work environment.

In this market, Maps Group offers solutions for:

  • human resources management;
  • management control;
  • supplier management;
  • environmental cycle management;
  • document dematerialization.


The semantic analysis system for marketing and communications agencies that is based on real-time marketing.

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Semantics-based processing tool for clinical data to provide support for strategic and operational decision-making in the healthcare sector.

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An effective support for governance in public bodies and complex organizations, from the standpoint of transparency, accountability and efficiency.

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Cloud system for online management of environmental permits, with a significant reduction in corporate responsibility in terms of waste disposal.

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