“Smart Cities Innovation Challenge” 2016: Maps Group will be there!

Maps Group Austin

June 13-15, 2016 • Austin – TX: When IoT and Smart rhyme with Globality.


This event, in its third year, is an extraordinary occasion to get a global reading on the opportunities for development and innovation starting from today’s critical areas, such as climate, energy and demographic issues. The end-goal is to find, share and accelerate innovative solutions for the development of Smart Cities.

In fact, thanks to the sharing of planning skills, expertise and potential areas for investment and business, innovative practices, proposals and projects to accelerate the smart development of urban communities throughout the world will be explored.

Replicability, Scalability, Sustainability and Interoperability:: these are the tags that describe the event in which participants are asked to contribute to the following themes on the agenda:

  • Transportation
  • Sensor Networks
  • ICT Networks
  • Cyber Security
  • Buildings & Efficiency
  • Urban Planning
  • Islands/Isolated Communities
  • Water Management
  • Waste Management
  • Weather Solutions
  • Gov/Civic Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Environmental Solutions
  • Finance Solutions
  • Education Solutions
  • Tools & Platforms

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Maps Group will be among the Italian representatives at the event, part of a long list of participants which includes: Hitachi, IBM,  MathWorks, Nokia, North Carolina A&T State University, Temple University, University of North Texas, and University of Texas at Austin.

In terms of the agenda of solutions Maps Group will be presenting during the initiative, in the forefront will be the demonstration of its energy distribution monitoring and control systems. To follow the event on Twitter, use the hashtags #GCTCExpo2016 and #MapsGroup.






Additional information: www.gctcexpo.org
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