Our solutions for the Services market to aid in the interpretation of complex data have been chosen by leaders in the IT and MRC sectors. The solutions we supply are utilized to improve supplier management efficiency across the production supply chain, monitor and improve performance and personnel skills and render more analytical the understanding of client needs.

Telco & Utilities

Major service providers, in particular in the telecommunications, energy and environment sectors, have chosen our solutions to create systems to manage the numerous aspects related to their business.
Specifically, for all provisioning and invoicing phases, the creation of customer-centric systems and supplier management.


Public Administration

We work with many public bodies, and not only Italian. PA entities have selected our system for performance assessment and the preparation of the strategic and operating plan to provide accountability of their activity and to evaluate the level of services offered. The solutions prepared also allow for management of aspects related to transparency and fighting corruption, as well as activity accountability for interest groups and rights advocates.



In the healthcare sector, we have been chosen by numerous agencies to evaluate the appropriateness of what is prescribed and for analysis of healthcare needs from the standpoint of improving performance. We are also involved with other issues, such as management control, planning, performance measurement, accountability also as it relates to regional flows, and the management of specialist care.



Major companies in the transport, high-tech and infrastructure sector have chosen our solutions for planning and providing support for strategies involving management and supplier coordination and management control. In many cases, we were chosen to handle document dematerialization and contribute to environmental cycle management.